Kumar's Dosa Bar

Kumar's Dosa Bar sells authentic South Indian food at various markets and festivals in Devon. Our main dish is masala dosa is a savoury fermented pancake similar to a crepe, made from urud dhal (black gram) and idli rice. The dosa is stuffed with cooked potato curry and served with dhal and Sri Lankan tomato chutney.

Prepping ingredients for a market

The Farm

In June 2015 we purchased 20 acres of grassland and woodland in Bratton Clovelly, Devon. We run a small flock of rare breed Llanwenog sheep, originally from Wales. In Dec 2018 we decided to move closer to Totnes and sell the land. Although we felt sad to do this, we realised moving closer to the markets made a big difference. The flock are now grazing on Dartington Estate until we find another piece of land in the future.

Our twenty acre farm in Devon