Grasses and wildflowers on our farm in Devon

Our values

Kumar has a strong belief that street food should be high quality, healthy, sourced locally and affordable to all. Throughout the development of farming and the dosa bar, we hope to achieve all of these things.

After years questioning the choice to rear animals for meat, we decided to donate 20 lambs to Goodheart Animal Sanctuary in Kidderminster.

Our masala dosa, dhal and chutney is plant-based and we want to set up a horticultural enterprise growing vegetables in the future for the markets.

Prepping ingredients for a market

Using less plastic

Since Blue Planet 2 came out in Oct 2017, there has been a lot in the media about plastic pollution and its impact on the environment and wildlife. The most recent films have been Albatross by Chris Jordan and Drowning in Plastic by wildlife biologist Liz Bonnin.

As of January 1st 2018 we’ve decided to do our little bit to reduce our waste. So when you bring a reusable plate/food container and cutlery to our market stall you can save 50p your masala dosa, chutney and dhal meal. Later this year we plan to try out using reusable metal plates with a £1 deposit skeem.

Our twenty acre farm in Devon